Scottish Power - Smart Thermostat

Unboxing and tech-review channels are some of the most engaging content categories on YouTube. Using this insight, we created a YouTube pre-roll campaign for ScottishPower - but with a twist.



The overall objectives of the campaign were to:

  • Showcase benefits of the new ScottishPower Smart Thermostat.

  • Drive Smart Thermostat purchase consideration.

  • Increase brand warmth and advocacy.

The Strategy

Our strategy was to target our audience through YouTube’s True View format ads (standard skippable pre-roll, bought on cost-per-view, where skipped ads are not paid for) encouraging deeper engagement with the messaging, which in turn will encourage greater attitudinal change.

The audience is 25–to-54-year-olds, affluent tech enthusiasts and early adopters. With restrictions on length and the need to overcome an ever-shrinking viewer attention span, a clever approach was called for. Insight showed us that they’re using the platform to watch product reviews and unboxing channels to help inform their next big purchase. So, why fight that? Let’s become that content they’re viewing.

  • Use YouTube to reach a highly-targeted audience.

  • Present the viewer with a native product review but with a twist.

Art Direction

Our approach to the art direction involved conducting research into the biggest and best performing tech review channels on YouTube, to ensure that we got the look and feel just right.


  • 453,864 completed views (4x more than predicted).

  • 68% positive brand uplift.

  • High ad recall which is representative of strong creative and extremely relevant audience targeting.