Creating, maintaining and enhancing a website for success.

Santander for Intermediaries has worked with LEWIS since 2013 to offer a market leading website and tools to mortgage intermediaries and brokers nationwide.

Santander for Intermediaries


Website, maintenance, agency/client relationship, calculators and digital transformation.

The background.

Since 2013, we have worked with Santander for Intermediaries (SFI) to maintain and enhance their digital platforms. From calculator changes to CMS upgrades, you name it, we’ve done it.

Two years into our relationship it was agreed that the legacy website, which was inherited from a previous supplier as part of our contract in 2013, would be redeveloped. SFI needed to begin their path to digital transformation to meet the aims of Santander’s business and ultimately, the needs of their audience and LEWIS was the agency to support them on that journey.

The strategic aims.

The website was created to meet the four core strategic aims of the Santander business:

Incorporate digital channels in the day-to-day commercial activity, without forgetting personal attention. 

Offer a first-class customer experience, with new and different multichannel relationship models for each segment.

Develop new functionalities, in order to have best-in-class digital channels, particularly in the area of mobile banking.

Foster a multichannel culture that involves and engages all teams in our transformation plans.

Understanding and research.

We also needed to understand the user needs and where their challenges were. We knew from our research that the market-leading affordability calculator receives around 100% more traffic every month than the website homepage. However, we also knew that there are fundamental steps that must be taken before completing an affordability calculation to avoid delaying the mortgage application process.

Our aim for the website was to ‘Help a broker submit an application correctly, the first time, every time’. With the aim front of mind, we looked at each aspect of the website and streamlined the processes.

Developing the website.

The key elements of the project were:

Intuitive site search of pages and documents to make content easier to find and the life of the broker easier. Reduced the number of pages a broker needs to review to get to the application stage to simplify the user journey and the amount of content that needs managing. Dynamic PDFs of lending criteria, calculations and latest rates so that brokers can print out accurate, personal and simplified information whilst reducing the amount of work required from the SFI team who create the PDFs. Direct logins to systems from the homepage and pulling through personalised sales contact details to give a customer-centric experience. Fully responsive, in page calculators mean that brokers can use their phones, tablets or laptops to work on behalf of their clients – giving them the same experience on the road as they would in their own office.

The results.

It is widely recognised in the mortgage sector that intermediary websites lack innovation. Often their calculators are Excel downloads and content is impersonal and irrelevant. The SFI website bucks that trend. It was created with the customer in mind and takes them on a seamless journey through the mortgage application process.

Our relationship with SFI doesn’t stop at handing over a fully responsive, content managed website though. We continually work together to challenge one another to improve the tools and experiences that we can offer the broker audience. Watch this space for video demos, merged calculators and interactive tools. All the while taking the level of content management available to the next level.