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Santander for Intermediaries

Unlocking broker success: elevating Santander's digital experience

After a website relaunch, ​it was time to develop a roadmap to further enhance ​their digital offering.​ The objective was to ‘Help a broker submit an application correctly, the first time, every time’ – this was front ​of mind throughout. 

  • User journey
  • Analytics
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Development

The challenge

Whilst the website continued to perform well technically ​and functionally, changes amongst the audience and ​to UI design best practice meant that it was time to look under the bonnet to ensure it continued to meet ​user needs.

Sfi Challenge 1
Sfi Challenge 2

Strategic approach

Through a UX/UI, tree testing and analytics review, ​we pulled clear learnings and changes that could be ​made to increase functionality and improve the overall ​customer experience.​

Research also showed that users wanted to simply log in and submit an application. It was clear that the significance of the homepage had begun to lessen for our audience. ​It didn’t need to be a shop window, it’s functional and it’s only really used if the navigation, Google or their browser fails the user.

We set about making improvements to the homepage and other prominent pages and digital assets in the journey.

Sfi Approach 1
Sfi Approach 2
Sfi Approach 3

The solution

A hierarchy and content audit enabled us to make the page more fit for purpose. We increased the prominence of the most functional aspects of the page and removed elements that weren’t used. Ultimately, we reduced the number of clicks from the homepage to deeper content.

The site had been the same for 2 years so with the changes implemented, we wanted to make life easy for the audience by improving the search algorithm to make content easier to find and add secondary search throughout the site to allow for pre-filtering.

Thumb-click access to content is critical for mobile. Using analytics, we addressed how the primary user journeys functioned and improved the navigation on mobile. We adapted and stripped back all the key page templates ensuring they were optimised for mobile. Tables and download performance were also addressed and simplified to service the main user journeys.

Sfi Solution 1
Sfi Solution 4
SFI Solution 2
Sfi Solution 3


10 %

Increase in repeat visitors

30 sec

Decrease dwell time ​
on desktop​

1 min

Decrease overall dwell time ​
on mobile


Page in journey length​

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