Peel Ports. More than Ports.

How LEWIS helped Peel Ports design, build and deploy more than a website. With a breath of different locations, commodities and solutions we helped Peel Ports launch a digital destination that delivers everything at your fingertips.

Peel Ports Group


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More than pretty pictures.

Peel Ports Group is one of the leading infrastructure, transport and real estate companies in the UK and can trace their heritage back to 1715. Moving into 2016 the business has seen impressive growth and vast investment in their offering, including the £400 million investment in the Liverpool2 deep-water container terminal at the port of Liverpool.

Peel Ports Group set LEWIS the challenge of bringing their internal business campaign ‘Horizon’ to their online platform. The website needed to play a vital role in engaging with new and existing clients, ensuring that their requirements are met quickly.

The key to defining the goals of the site lay in understanding the different types of audiences and their requirements of the site. Our strategy was to ensure users experience slick, instant and dynamic content at their finger tips.

From the seabed up.

The Peel Ports team were excited about gaining a new look and feel, but nervious of inheriting the same problems they had seen in the past. The LEWIS team used an agile approach to the project, taking the client from concept to delivery in an iterative and successful process. At every step of the journey we reviewed our development against audiences goals and refined our strategy to ensure every element fitted with our goal for the site, ‘At your Fingertips’.

The project team of designers, front and back-end developers scamped user journeys and wireframes. This identified a difficult blend of locations, commodities and services. At this point, it was decided a working prototype would facilitate rapid development and help us instantly understand and address issues.

The presentation of a prototype with no design, colour or styling was a huge success. Instantly the Peel Ports marketing, sales and executive teams could test out the website and experience the interactions and user journeys.

Focus on detail.

From sign-off, this prototype was our base model, we then developed a creative on-brand solution of the site. Working with content in place allowed the design and front-end development teams to focus on making each element of the site work harder for the user and ensure a beautifully seamless digital experience.

Essential to the success of the project was to position the website as another business development tool. We ensured the site could funnel sales leads to the Peel Ports team in a seamless and accurate manner. We created a dynamic online contact strategy that ensured at each and every step of the users journey, they were presented the right contact, at the right location for the right service.

“LEWIS showed a factual, strategic and accurate approach to the build of the new website. They proved that they clearly understood our audience and our objectives as a business. They continually surpassed our expectations throughout the build period, delivering added value time and time again. We are delighted with the website and have already seen a considerable return in business generation.”

Digital Marketing Manager
Peel Ports


The Results

During the first three months of the new platform going live, the client saw a huge uplift in traffic to key contact activity. With bounce rates dropping dastically and duration on site extending, we're looking forward to the first quarter review and gaining definition of the impact the update has made.

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