Setting the standards in financial services.

Origo is the eCommerce standards and service body for the UK financial industry. They deliver technology and solutions that bring the industry together and save time, money and resources across the market. After an involved pitch process, we were appointed to work with Origo to help them launch a new and improved web presence, more fitting to their modern, collaborative nature.



Web design, tone of voice, project management, market research, content analysis, user journey and user experience.

The challenge.

Origo is unique in the financial services world in that it’s a not-for-profit business that works completely on behalf of its members, to find joined-up technical solutions that benefit the whole industry. With their collective ethos in mind, we wanted to create an online presence that expressed a real feeling of collaboration.

They stand out against their competitors because of their approachable, human approach, so it was also crucial that the website reflect a friendly, non-corporate tone. It felt right that Origo’s users took centre stage and we kept this mission in mind as we planned out the project.

“Our brief was not an easy one, but LEWIS did an incredible job. They really worked with us to understand us, as well as challenge us, to deliver a solution that was not just better than our previous site; it was relevant, practical and, really rather swish.

Working with LEWIS was incredibly easy and they were so helpful and considerate as well as creative. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a new website – especially if you’re looking for something that stands out from the crowd.”

Marketing Analyst, Origo

User centered design.

We were responsible for content analysis, audience analysis, planning the website journey and delivering all responsive design elements of the site. The technical build was carried out by Origo’s development partner so to support the process we fully prototyped the build to ensure that both the client and the developers understood how the design would come to life. Using InVision we constructed the user journey and all interactions to form a working prototype which was useful for approval and technical scoping.

We literally placed users at the centre of the design by leading with their stories on the homepage and focusing on results and testimonials throughout the content pages. The user journey encourages contact and participation at all touchpoints in order to increase enquiries and maximise data capture.

A brand that works hard.

The website is also a fitting home for the brand’s campaign content. Prior to the new website build we worked with Origo to develop a video and supporting collateral for the launch of their new Integration Hub platform. We also created a full campaign to promote their Options Transfer Service, including video, DM, social assets and event materials.

A platform for success.

The Origo website is contemporary, minimalist and elegant, reflecting Origo’s status as a modern tech company and this image is further helped by subtle animations and transitions throughout the site which hint towards the progressive nature of the organisation. The site has helped Origo streamline their brand and focus on a content strategy to promote their unique offering and support their members fully.