Building bridges to the future of FinTech.

How we developed the brand that firmly established Origo as ‘The bridge builders’ of the financial services world. Transforming an industry body into a forward thinking FinTech company with presence.



Brand strategy, content strategy, video, landing page, white paper, sales aids, brochure and advertising.

The challenge.

It’s nice to know you’ve done a great job. But it’s even better when everyone else knows it too. Origo’s problem was that for the last 30 years they’d been hugely successful in making the financial services industry more efficient, but they are now trying to reach out to a new market who are less – if not- completely unfamiliar with the Origo brand and change their perspective in the current market.

Origo has traditionally worked with life and pensions companies but now they are firmly placing their hat in the FinTech arena and looking to work more closely with the occupational / workplace pensions sector – a sector who knew nothing about them. They also wanted to dust off some of the ‘traditional’ look and approach they previously had which their current market know them for. Origo wanted to get noticed.

The other issue was that their targets were largely uninterested in how Origo (or any other provider) could help them streamline their operations. They were happy to do things how they’ve always been done and changing things wasn’t high on their agenda.

Ambition and objectives.

Origo wanted to really show the industry what they stand for. Changing perspective with existing markets and making a serious introduction to new ones. They had to raise their awareness in the occupational sector which, in turn, would increase their status, profile and reputation amongst this audience. We had to do something disruptive.

Something that would make this sector take notice of Origo and start to reconsider their ways of working. We wanted to make the industry care about doing things better and not to settle for ‘OK’. We wanted them to strive for more and achieve it with Origo’s help.

With a small and focused target market who live a busy life, it was key to keep our activities attention-grabbing, concise and interesting. We wanted them to sit up and take notice - not to bore them with dull, predictable messages.

We needed something that positioned them clearly and quickly as being of a huge benefit to the financial services industry.

“Working with LEWIS has been a breeze, they are so organised, focused and help to push us in the right direction. Strengthening our brand proposition and importantly continuing to help us build our relationships with the industry and our customers.”

Campaign Manager

The strategic thinking.

You’ve probably never heard of Origo. What they do is pretty technical, incredibly clever and very much needed in the market in which they operate. Without going into much detail, they make it easier to transfer pensions, they improve communication between finance companies and construct the platforms the industry relies on to be successful.

We needed to create a brand identity that was capable of encompassing all these different benefits and yet still be single-minded enough to be memorable. We needed one simple idea that would increase awareness in existing markets and establish an engaging brand story to help our audience people understand what Origo does - and why they exist.

Origo is owned by the industry to help the industry. So, we didn’t just want to bombard our target audiences with marketing - we wanted to give them something useful.

A key asset in this campaign was the findings of a research paper. This research would inform potential customers of gaps in their processes and would enable them to use this formal data to improve their processes. So the campaign wouldn’t just tell, but it would demonstrate how Origo could benefit the financial services industry.

“It was a hard brief, which required real dynamic thinking from LEWIS, and they excelled themselves. Delivering something not only creative and bold but that also has longevity.”

Campaign Manager

The execution.

What links people? What joins communities? And what facilitates faster communication? The answer was beautifully simple:

Bridges were the perfect metaphor for everything Origo stand for. So, the creative explored ways in which the idea of bridges, connectivity and monumental achievement could be developed visually through various print and digital executions.

We created graphic shapes using perspective photography to direct viewers to important information. And through the idea of convergence, we are able to focus on the ‘crossover points’ where people intersect and where ideas happen. The art direction and various executions allowed us to tell the brand story through the campaign analogy of both bridges and links.

Going a little deeper, we also considered the concept of connections and convergence. The unification of people and ideas to build something bigger and better across products, services and organisations is a strong visual idea. Drone photography of roads and motorways would convey this concept well, as would the use of pathways, railway lines and telephone lines.

This concept lent itself perfectly to a strong and diverse, integrated multimedia campaign. Everything from the landing page and online infographics to emails and social media activity was redesigned to tie in with the new brand strategy. It was also perfect for events - something the somewhat ‘’old-school’’ target market regularly take the opportunity to attend.


Research paper registrations


Key contact engagement


Increase in website enquiries


Increase in social media mentions

The results.

The brand development firmly established Origo as ‘The bridge builders’ of the financial services world. This was a concept that simplified a complicated proposition in a memorable and distinctive way.

It has allowed a ‘’dusty, old-fashioned’’ industry body to be transformed into a forward thinking FinTech company with presence, while still retaining its true purpose – By the industry, for the industry. Who are now seen as leaders in their sector that gave identity and platform to build future success. It bridged the gulf between perception and reality.

“We’ve seen improvements to our website analytics, email responses, social media standing and following and at events people are now coming to us, instead of us reaching out to them. The brand story LEWIS created has truly gone above and beyond expectation, delivering exceptional results for Origo.”

Campaign Manager