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Illuminating Iberdrola's entry to the Irish Energy Market: 
A journey to brand success

Iberdrola successfully entered the Irish market in 2019 but faced challenges in what is a notoriously competitive market, compounded by potential resistance to a new ‘foreign’ supplier. Based on our partnership with ScottishPower who are part of the same group, Iberdrola knew that we were the right people to help them succeed and ensure that they stood out in a competitive market.

  • Brand
  • Strategy
  • Design

The challenge

The vision was clear - to launch Iberdrola as a responsible energy provider in Ireland. We understood the need to develop a creative proposition that had the longevity and flexibility to set the brand apart, generate interest and ultimately drive acquisition for Iberdrola in Ireland.

Engaging with an energy supplier is unavoidable for most people but growing concerns around climate change and sustainability are making consumers, rightly, more interested in where their supply comes from and the energy credentials of those supplying it.

Could we make switching energy supplier something to feel good about?

Iberdrola Chall 1
Iberdrola Chall 2
Iberdrola Chall 3

The solution

Our Strategy and Research team began by conducting a full competitor analysis and benchmarking review from which we then created a comprehensive customer journey map, showing all of the potential touch points with existing and potential customers.

The insights gathered from all of this work were combined with Iberdrola’s values; 100% green electricity, competitive and transparent pricing and industry-leading customer service, to inform the brand creative proposition of ‘A Natural Transformation’.

Our Design team focused on creating a visual identity which captured the concept of wind and electricity and thus the Iberdrola ‘swoosh’ was born, designed to represent wind being transformed into energy.

Our client was truly blown away.

Iberdrola Sol 1
Iberdrola Sol 2
Iberdrola Sol 3
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