How we made the Dynamic Earth move. 

Dynamic Earth needed a sense of identity, something to differentiate it from the many other world class visitor attractions in Edinburgh. Was it a museum or a science centre? A fun fair or an interactive playground? This is where we came in.

Dynamic Earth


Brand strategy, annual campaign strategy, brand development, radio advertising, taxi wraps, brochures, leaflets, bus livery and corporate animation.

So what exactly is Dynamic Earth?

Since opening in 1999, Dynamic Earth has been one of Edinburgh’s most popular visitor attractions. Packed with exhibits, it takes visitors on a journey from the Big Bang through to the present day. But, because there are so many different things to see and do at Dynamic Earth, creatively it can be a challenge to promote in a simple, effective way.

In previous years, advertising had tried to cover all of the attraction’s selling points and, in doing so, had lost sight of the bigger story. We were appointed to deliver a full brand refresh and 12 month marketing campaign that was as dynamic as the attraction itself.

The campaign included print, outdoor, radio and transvision advertising, taxis and a whole fleet of Lothian Buses during the summer months to encapsulate the diversity of things to do at the attraction.

Dynamic Earth branding - Feel the ground shake beneath your feet

Touchy feely.

Our research showed us that parents look for ‘interactive’ experiences for their children, which is great news for Dynamic Earth as it’s a very immersive attraction. The stuffy ‘do not touch the exhibits’ mentality has been avoided wherever possible in favour of a much more hands-on, fun experience.

The task of the marketing was to inform people that Dynamic Earth is what they’re looking for - a fun, exciting, interesting, interactive experience for kids and adults alike. And the best way to do that was to make interacting with the marketing as memorable and tactile an experience as possible.

“We’ve been blown away by the work; the results are fun, dramatic and exciting – just like the attraction – and we all absolutely love it.” 

Marketing Manager
Dynamic Earth

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A whole new world.

We delivered a campaign which built on Dynamic Earth’s success and supported its drive to attract visitors throughout the competitive summer period and beyond. Our approach was as diverse as it was different and embraced print, outdoor, radio and transvision advertising at Waverley Station, 10 taxis and a whole fleet of Lothian Buses.

We distilled everything that Dynamic Earth wanted to say into just five words — three if you don’t count the short ones: A World of Incredible Experiences. It alluded to fun, scale and interaction while being firmly rooted in the concept of the earth — which of course is the common thread woven throughout the attraction.