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From sales tools and calculators to text updates, we’ve worked hand in hand with the Cater Allen team since we started working with them around a decade ago. This year, it was time to assess how a new website could better represent their brand and support the bank’s security needs. As a result, the digital transformation project was born.

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Services delivered:

Agency/client partnership, analytics, research, journey mapping, digital strategy, compliance, user interface design, Umbraco CMS, front and back end development.

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Cater Allen was founded in 1816 and the bank prides itself on offering individual needs with a professional and personal service. We had to translate this statement into the new website by setting the following goals.


  • Clearly segment the users to display industry specific content written in a tone that matches the tone of the user.
  • Display the bank accounts in an easy to digest way to ensure that it clearly matches the specific needs of the user.
  • Create an easy stepping stone from the website to the online banking platform.
  • Reduce the steps in the customer journey to keep everything simple and transparent.
  • Develop a solid framework website to make it easy to build upon in the future.
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Our Approach

From our time working together, we knew that there are a lot of business processes that rely on the website having technical processes in place, behind the scenes, to support them. Our first task was to identify those technical processes, who they were for (both internal and external users) and how they should be positioned on the website.

Once we had the mandatories pinned down, we worked with Cater Allen’s partner agencies and brand team to develop a suite of wireframes and site structure that reflected the audience groupings. The site content needed to be personal but still remain straightforward enough to update and maintain, this is where Umbraco came in. Umbraco offers us easy to develop, re-usable components, forms and flexible template layouts that establish the site as a future proof build.

The creative and content creation process was managed in close collaboration with Cater Allen’s compliance team but the fun doesn’t stop there. Now that the website is live, we have regular planning sessions with the Cater Allen team to prepare the website and their digital processes for the future.

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