Umbraco Gold Partners.

LEWIS are delighted to be awarded as the first agency in Scotland to become a certified Umbraco Gold Partner.

Having worked with Umbraco since 2010 we have established a specialism and almost always select it as a recommended CMS platform for our clients. As a registered Umbraco certified partner we have an in-house team of Umbraco developers ready to work with clients on their websites from all sectors, we even have our very own Umbraco MVP (most valued people) who represents the very best of the Umbraco community.

Whether you are looking for a brand-new site, adding functionality to your existing site or upgrading we love talking about all things Umbraco.

Application Solutions

Our core focus for the last 14 years has been solely on Microsoft’s technologies and because Umbraco is built-upon this technology, it allows our developers to deliver a full range of web solutions using the Umbraco platform.

Architecture and Hosting

As technical architects, we have delivered a wide range of Umbraco solutions to meet our clients’ needs, budgets and requirements. Whether our clients wish to have their Umbraco website hosted on their internal systems, Microsoft’s Azure architecture or our bespoke server architecture, we will work with our clients to meet their requirements and budgets.

Umbraco CMS Upgrades

Over the past 8 years we have worked with the various iterations of the Umbraco platform and pride ourselves on being able to not only maintain existing websites and keep them up-to-date, but we have also taken on many new clients running outdated Umbraco websites and upgraded them to the latest version.


Umbraco is a very user-friendly CMS, however we provide training for our clients via a range of delivery methods, including onsite based training, webinars, as well as access to other supporting platforms such as videos and documentation.

Why Umbraco?

The answer to this question is quite simple – it’s the best open source CMS out there. Sometimes great creative is only as good as the technology it’s built upon. Umbraco helps us deliver both. We first started working together in 2010, and the relationship has only grown stronger since.

It’s also got a flexible back office, it’s lightweight and streamlined, and our development team finds it really easy to work with. Not only that, the editor experience is user friendly and it just keeps getting better.

“Umbraco doesn’t try to be the jack of all trades; it focuses on content management and the ability to integrate with other tech leading systems to provide truly extensible solutions and we believe they’ve nailed it.” 

Charles Marfleet, Technical Director, LEWIS

The ease of setting up a new Umbraco instance is one of its key features - simply download the latest version and we’re good to go! Because Umbraco doesn’t install any extras or bloat we can quickly customise the user experience to suit our clients’ needs.

Umbraco is free with no need to buy yearly licences – a big bonus for us. Compared to other CMSs, it also requires less resources when it comes to setting up a basic server, keeping the costs down when looking at deploying a website for a client. Umbraco is also much easier to extend and customise.

But to top it off, we love the Umbraco community. The support is fantastic and we’re proud to be part of such a friendly community. 

“Such a pleasure to finally welcome our first Scottish Gold Partner... And even more to welcome an agency with dedicated and contributing developers as LEWIS has!”

Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ

Why Gold Partner?

Being an Umbraco Gold Partner allows us to shout from rooftops about our expertise - we know Umbraco, we have the knowledge and we want people to know that. Our development team are Umbraco Certified, and we also have an Umbraco MVP on our team 😉. Supporting Umbraco helps to ensure the CMS continues to grow and become an even better solution for our clients.

We’re invested in Umbraco for the long term, and we want to show this support – becoming a Gold Partner lets us show this. It also helps show us off to potential clients via the Umbraco partner website, which is a great benefit. There are so many benefits of becoming a Gold Partner, and jet-setting off to Odense for the Gold Partner summit is just one of them!

We get great support, with quick responses to all our questions, we’re first to hear about Umbraco’s plans for the future and we can help shape the CMS by seeing the product roadmap.


We love Umbraco so much we could sit here and talk about it all day, in the meantime you can read our news articles about it here:

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Testament to the strong, robust platform and ease of scaleability we have helped some of the UK's biggest businesses enhance their web presence using the Umbraco.