When Ed Fringe Comes to Town

For a marketing agency which prides itself on creativity, we work from a city which oozes just that as well as fun and culture in abundance - in fact if we’re needing inspiration then we only have to look out the window and see our wonderful Edinburgh laid out before us!

Speaking of creativity, every August is amazing here in the city, because that’s when the one and only Edinburgh Festival Fringe comes to town! The streets come alive with street artists, comedians, dancers, singers, acrobats and more- our lunch breaks take a definite upturn to say the least!

A little history...

Edinburgh Fringe began quite by accident over 70 years ago, when a number of theatre groups turned up (uninvited!) to the Edinburgh International Festival. Despite not being on the programme, this didn’t stop the hardy performers (Scottish? Stubborn? Us? Never!) They proceeded to set up on the outskirts of the city and performed anyway, thus the term Edinburgh Festival Fringe was coined! It grew year upon year until 1958 when the official Festival Fringe Society was launched and created something even bigger. The festival still sticks to its roots to this day and no performer is ever turned away- talk about awesome!


The Ed Fringe markets itself a little differently. The society takes care of the national and international marketing of the festival as a whole but the promotion for individual performances lie with the performers themselves. So if you’re a newbie to the festival, it can be a complete crash course in Marketing and PR and we get it, it’s a minefield. It’s also an opportunity though to take a step back and look at it with fresh eyes (which we love to do!) So, if one day we suddenly decided to create a LEWIS acrobatic/comedy performance (watch this space) then here’s how we’d go about the Marketing.

  • Branding:
    Firstly we need a name, something cool (answers on a postcard!) then there’s a logo, our pictures and colours. Our brand is what will distinguish us from the other performers, it’s what our audience will remember when they talk about us, it’s our first and lasting impression, it’s our personality, our skills and our team all encompassed. Lucky for us, we’re experts in it. We know how to position ourselves at the forefront and we’re never ones to shy away from standing out!
  • Content:
    We’ll need our super brilliant 40 word description which will feature in the Ed Fringe programme. Think short, precise and memorable. We aren’t your average marketing agency slash acrobatic comedians, we’re different and here’s why you absolutely HAVE to come see us… you get the picture! There’s also things we could include such as a mini film trailer, a behind the scenes video with the artists, a sneak peek look at rehearsals - be sure to build up the interest and give people a reason to come and watch the act!
  • Word of Mouth:
    Now it’s time to start talking! Start a Social Media campaign using an original hashtag. Write a Press Release, tell our family and friends to spread the word. Use videos and images to create a sneak peek at what to expect. We’d certainly be considering an influencer campaign- are there any established names in the industry or area who’d be willing to vouch for our act?
  • Competitors:
    Our fellow Fringe artists will be hard at work promoting themselves so it ALWAYS pays to keep an eye on them and what they’re up to (Obviously not in a stalkery way, but a casual browse of their social media every so often is enough to see what they’re doing and how they’re portraying themselves.
  • Engage with your audience:
    We’d use Social media to talk directly to our target audience. What are they looking forward to seeing this year? We’d have a chat and build up a relationship. We’d find people on the already well established #EdFringe hashtag and join in the ongoing conversations. People buy from people after all, and by creating our online Fringe persona, our audience are more likely to add our show to their must-visit calendar!
  • Post event Publicity:
    So our LEWIS Acrobatic Comedian act was a raving success, the crowd loved us, the papers are talking about how amazing we are (oh wait sorry, this is just a daydream…) But hypothetically, if this was true we’d need to ensure we continued the hype afterwards and built up an even BIGGER and BETTER Marketing strategy for next year. We’d need to analyse what we’d done, what worked, what hadn’t and what we could have done better. We’d need to have a look at our performing competitors and see how their promotion worked, did they do something a little different which we could adapt for the following year perhaps? The work never ends in the world of Digital Marketing because as soon as we’ve finished one project we study it intensively to ensure whatever we work on next has all the lessons and experiences on board from the previous!

There’s a lot to be learned by taking a fresh look at a new challenge, we thrive off it, it’s our forte and it’s 100% what we’re best at. If you have a new project on the horizon and you’re unsure how best to tackle it (be that, creative, technology, graphics, content, strategy) then make us your first port of call! We promise, we’ll make something legendary!

Now, we just need to post the sign up sheet in the office for our Ed Fringe 2020 epic Acrobatic Comedian show – any takers?