Top tips for effective email marketing.

We'll soon be in the GDPR world, and we think this is a perfect time to get together and talk about email marketing. If you'd like to be part of our email marketing summer event, please get in touch with Alison our Business Development Manager at . In the mean time, check out our top tips for effective email marketing.

Over the last 12 years we have developed our specialisms in email marketing, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and delivering truly personalised experiences for your customers.

We work with a whole host of email service providers: DotMailer, Adestra and Campaign Monitor to name but a few! So, if you already have an email service provider and you set up and launch your own emails it’s no problem, we can work with you (and them!) to help create the best experiences for your customers.

Email marketing and LEWIS

Come and chat to us if you’d like to find out more about the future of email marketing and how it can help you. In the meantime, have a peek at some top tips from our email gurus.

What is the call to action, really?

We can all get bogged down in primary and secondary calls to action and up-selling and cross-selling but when it comes to effective response rates the key is to absolutely nail down what you want the user to do. This is even more true when we recognise that 75% of emails are opened on mobile devices, users are time poor, expect timely and relevant emails and want to get straight to the point. They use other channels where brands can cross and upsell, and it can be done off the back of an email interaction, so keep the email for exactly what you need it to do.

Here's an example of this attention driven design put into practise, on the left you can see an email which, on the face of it, appears to have 3 calls to action all with equal prominence. The email on the right shows the same message as the email on the left but with a few simple changes: built to work on mobile, has stripped back calls to action and a hierarchy of content helping the user decipher exactly what they need to do and quickly.

This simple update to the structure and hierarchy resulted in:

  • 30% increase in click through rate

  • A response rate that is 5 times higher than the original email

Personalised journeys

Everyone’s path to purchase/conversion/registration is unique, from awareness to that final step, not one of your contacts will perform in the same way (you can read more about that at Think with Google). All marketing channels work together to support that path to ‘purchase’ but advances in email marketing can now offer a truly interesting experience for your customers. Gone are the days when you would send one email creative to your entire database and hope for a 10% click through rate. 63% of people expect brands to use their purchase and engagement history to provide them with personalised experiences. Segmentation of data is a great way to show personalised content i.e. if you know someone’s postcode show them an image relating to that area or more generally if you know someone has a specific product you can hide that product and show another in an email with a bit of nifty coding.

Taking things a step further, our email system now allows you to personalise entire customer email journeys. This works by serving contacts email content only relating to that which they’ve clicked on or you can use this insight to give more prominence to the information they’ve showed an interest in within subsequent emails: giving them a truly personalised journey.

Not sold? 90% of organisations that invest in personalised consumer experiences say that it significantly contributes to increasing profitability.

Real time content

Putting live time content in emails is now possible. From countdown timers, play in place video, live social feeds, live weather forecasts, live maps (like Uber) and showing website content dynamically, you name it, it’s (probably) possible. In previous years, to add in a social feed to your emails you’d need to add in a static image and link through to your social channel but that’s no longer the case. Real Time content allows you to add in constantly updating information to your emails.


And last, but certainly not least! Imagine spending days on beautifully crafted content and even more beautiful visuals only to have your email never reach the inbox of the people you’re sending it to? This is the case for many organisations where undeliverable emails take their toll on your marketing effectiveness: critical to successful email delivery is your reputation, which can be harmed when too many emails bounce or are branded as spam. A study by Return Path found that sender reputation was the cause of 77% of email delivery problems. This is why increasing numbers of our clients are recognising the value of email validation, which cleans your data and improves your reputation and protects your marketing efforts. At LEWIS, we can validate your data from as little as ¼ of a penny and it can be done within a day or two, what’s not to love?

Phew! That was quite the article but we hope you found it useful. We love chatting about email marketing so give us a shout if you want to hear more about it.