Top projects of 2017.

Last year was an extremely exciting year for us, and we had some great projects to work on. It was truly a hugely successful delivery and that is down to the commitment and vigilance from both client and agency. Our leadership team have reflected on their favourite projects from 2017, and shared why they enjoyed them so much.

David Lewis - Managing Director

Stewart Investors - Pacific Assets Trust Brand and Collateral

Sometimes the most satisfying projects are not the most outrageous or experimental (if my 26 years in the industry has proved anything to me it's that I'm happiest with an effective and efficiently run project that delivers success for the client!). We were delighted to continue our relationship with Stewart Investors in August when we were briefed to develop a new brand and supporting collateral for one of their funds. It was a hugely successful project, both in terms of experience and end results, largely due to the commitment and investment given from all parties involved.

Working with an open and super responsive client was amazing. They welcomed us to get involved and truly understand their business at a product, IT, web development, marketing and board level. We worked in partnership every step of the way: our design director met their team and developed the brand vision; our creative team worked with their third parties on documentation and our technical developers sat across a desk from their IT team to discuss code and CSS. As a whole business, Stewart Investors committed to the project and, as a result, we delivered ahead of schedule and within budget. A dream project!


Charles Marfleet - Technical Director

Santander for Intermediaries 

It's always a pleasure to work as Santander for Intermediaries' website partner. At the end of 2017 we carried out in-depth research to understand how users are truly working with the website, which was the first time any kind of research like this has been completed for the company. That insight has developed our plan for creating a user-centred experience for customers over the next year, and beyond. From minor things like improving the way that content is linked, to the position of the mobile navigation and full overhauls of content positioning depending on the viewing device we’ve got a clear picture for what we need to achieve throughout the next year.

Gillian Grant - Client Strategy and Planning Director

ScottishPower - SME Energy Toolkit

I have LOTS of favourite projects, but this project included designing for a service as well as designing marketing content. We worked with the Carbon Trust, ScottishPower's marketing and digital teams and their PR agency to create a visual style, content and a technical process for a service that would be educational, interesting and personal to small business owners. It suggested small actions and showed how they have a real-time impact on energy use. It even got our team so engaged that we've been trying to and adopt some of the tips around the office ever since!

Scott Walker - Creative Director

70 Years - Edinburgh International Festival

I've always had a hankering to be involved in the Edinburgh International Festival. As a student I used to collect the best-designed flyers and posters from around the city; I'd like to think they partly contributed to my choice of career.

So, when the team pulled out all the stops to win the work, I was delighted that we were about to embark on a journey from the first day of the festival back in 1947 up to the present day.

Having access to 70 years of film, audio, photography and press archives was a dream and challenge in equal measures. Organising, editing and bringing them to life in a digital story wasn't easy. The result is a well-crafted and engaging website that immerses the user in 70 years of cultural magic.

Barry Hynd - Finance Director

Criterion Brand Development

We partnered with the client on this project from the very beginning (well before Criterion as a company was established or announced publicly) and, because it was a huge challenge and a complicated brief, it was a privilege to be part of the brand development from day one. Our team worked closely with the client's leadership team to guide the entire process, interpret their vision, establish the company name, position the brand appropriately and develop a final brand platform and marketing materials.

Kirsty Wardlaw - Client Services Director

ScottishPower - Smart For Business Film

I loved working on this project! It was the first full video project that the ScottishPower business team had commissioned so it was enjoyable from a creative point of view but also because of the opportunity to introduce the client to a brand new world of video production. In theory, shooting a film to promote smart energy meters shouldn't be exciting but I think we made it a lot of fun and the end result is something that is enjoyable to watch whilst also being informative and useful for business customers.

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