September social media roundup.

In this digital world, keeping up to date with social media is quite the investment. With constant app updates, new platforms and trends, it’s pretty time consuming keeping your finger on the pulse. But rest assured, LEWIS are here to save the day with your monthly round-up on the world of social media.


With more people reaching to their browser than the app due to poor internet connection, Instagram have introduced stories to the mobile web browser. Developments are underway to be able to post to stories via the mobile web.


After years of committing grammar crimes to fit in the 140 limit, we may soon be able to double the length of our tweets with a new 280 character limit. Originally based on the SMS character limit, Twitter has decided to adjust to the times and is testing out the new boundary with selected accounts.

Social media never sleeps, and Twitter knows this. To lesson eye strain, Twitter have developed a night mode for all you nighthawks. Although this is not a new feature to the app, it is now available on desktop.


Sick of seeing holiday spam whilst you’re slogging through your never ending to-do list? Facebook have introduced a snooze button, where you can mute friends, pages or groups for 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. 

Videos are pretty much ruling social media right now, and Facebook no longer wants you to use your mobile data to watch their videos. Currently in testing, Facebook are trialing a feature that downloads videos whilst you are connected to Wi-Fi so you can watch them on the go later. Pre-downloaded videos will be indicated by lightning bolt icons. 

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