Run, LEWIS, Run!

Our fearless team members Nikki and Douglas tackled the Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland 'RoadBlock Run'. Once recovered, they shared their commentary of the day.

The Roadblock Run was described as a fun run but was undoubtedly a tad more arduous than that! When the course map was revealed on the day and it was discovered the first few kilometres were up the Radical Road, an audible groan was heard from the gathering runners. However, our self-assured Senior Account Manager Nikki had ‘nae fear’, proudly stating, ‘I’ve trained for this, I’m ready’.

So off we went with a skip and a smile ready to confront the hurdles ahead, we made it about a third way up the road before the first real struggles came, but after that anything was easy! Facing gale force winds we battled bouncy castles, stairs, a foam bath, a cargo net crawl, more stairs, a surfboard slide and an assault course. Soldiering on, and in true LEWIS spirit, we had confidence, held hands and made it across the finish line.

At the registration tent, there was a double take at the amount we’d raised so far, and after our office Bake Off we raised over £650!

Big thanks to everyone who believed in us and donated. Or caved to pressure. Either way, thanks a million!