October social media roundup.

Keeping up to date with the ever-changing social media platforms is hard work, but don't fret we've gathered up the biggest changes to make sure you're in the know! 


Can’t make up your mind what your next blog post should be? Instagram have launched a new poll feature that could help you out. Allowing viewers of your story to vote for their favourite option, it’s easier than ever to get the public opinion.

Another feature added to Instagram is live streaming with a friend. When live streaming, you can invite a viewer to join, if they accept the video will turn split screen so the two videos appear together.


Twitter have announced a new feature coming to their app called ‘Happening Now’. This new feature will allow users to keep up to date with a specific event in real time.

Furthermore, with users complaining about having to ‘like’ something when they are simply bookmarking the tweet, it is rumoured that Twitter are planning to launch a ‘save for later’ option.


Facebook have launched an explore feed, a news feed designed to discover new content. Instead of seeing posts from friends and family, you will see suggested public profiles and pages that Facebook deem interesting to you, customised to each individual.


LinkedIn have announced a new talent solution to provide recruiters with more insights. Planned for mid-2018, the tool will give “direct access to rich data on talent pools and companies, so you can stay two steps ahead”. When viewing the talent marketplace, recruiters will see a range of stats, locations, schools and engagement on LinkedIn, helping to refine their targeting approach.

Additionally, on the back of Snapchat, LinkedIn are rolling out geofilters for events and conferences. When videos are created within the LinkedIn app, event attendees can add filters to their video.


Snapchat have launched context cards, a new addition to the platform which provides viewers with information on locations and events. When snaps have been tagged with a company’s venue specific geofilter, viewers can swipe up for more information and book a table or a taxi to the location without leaving the app.

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