November social media roundup.

Another month has passed, and everyone is getting ready for the busiest time of year. As you put up your decorations and pull on your best Christmas jumpers, we've gathered up the latest social media updates to save your precious time!


As reported in our social media update last month, Instagram introduced a feature where you can invite a friend onto your live stream. Now users can request to join someone else's live stream, rather than being invited. Multiple people can make a request but only one extra person can be on the screen at one time.

Instagram stories were originally launched to show a glimpse into your day, therefore Instagram put a 24 hour limit on posting photos from your camera roll. However, older images can now be posted with a date stamp.

Instagram are reportedly testing a new feature where you can follow a hashtag, the same as you follow a person. Alongside this, testing of a 'regram' button has been reported by some users, where photos can be shared on the platform itself rather than using a third party app.


After some testing where selected (and rather smug) users were let loose with some extra characters, Twitter officially launched their new 280-character limit. The latest Twitter update seems to have had a bit of a Marmite effect on the social media world. The general consensus among marketers is to use it when necessary, but not to see it as a target.

The generosity didn't stop there! Shortly after the character extension, Twitter launched another update allowing users to have a longer display name, increasing the limit to 50 characters.


To help digital influencers create even better content, Facebook have launched a set of tools for creators. The app features a live creative kit, containing a bundle of tools that allow the creator to add intros, outros, frames and custom emoji reactions to their live streams.

There is also an inbox feature that gathers together messages from Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, making interaction more streamlined. The app will also provide users with analytics on their fan demographics. The app is currently available on iOS, with plans to launch on Android within the coming months.


After feedback that the app is hard to use, Snapchat confirmed at the beginning of the month they would be reworking the design of their app. Snapchat have now begun to roll out their new design, which they state separates "the social from the media". Unlike other social platforms which show the most popular content first, Snapchat are taking a leaf out of Netflix's book, and organising snaps around what viewers watch most. Messages and stories from friends will be on the left of the camera screen, sorted by who you interact with most. On the right of the camera will be all the media publications, influencer content and stories from search and the Snap Map.

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