New kids on the block.

We’ve recently welcomed two new lambs into the LEWIS flock.

Meet Barry Hynd, our Finance Director. Hailing from the Kingdom of Fife, our new number cruncher has tons of experience including 8 years within digital agencies.

The fact that Barry has the numeracy skills of Archimedes is a given. We’re far more impressed by his extracurricular roles as an EBA-qualified pool referee and human dad to Ozzie the bearded dragon. We’ve got a feeling he’s going to fit right in.

Say ‘Hello’ to Colette Reid, our Group Services Manager. With a remit covering everything from recruitment, HR and health and safety to events and administration, it would probably be easier to list what Colette doesn’t do for us. Let’s just say that the answer to almost all of the questions posed in LEWIS Towers is ‘Ask Colette’. Where have you been all our lives?!