Meet the Team: Owain Williams, Technical Developer

It's time to Meet the Team. This week our Technical Developer Owain tells us all about himself.

What's your job title?

Technical Developer

Can you give us a quick career summary?

I started at a small digital agency in Kirkcaldy after graduating from Napier University as a Software Engineer. I then moved to the Scottish Court Service and worked there for eight years on the web team before a year working as the solo developer for a small hotel chain. Then I joined LEWIS just over two years ago.

What do you most want to know the answer to?

If the Universe is constantly expanding, what’s on the other side of the end of the Universe? What’s it expanding into?

Where do you feel the most present?

Running on the Scottish trails.

What's your most treasured object?

My wedding ring. It’s custom made with my wife’s name engraved on it in Morse code.

What inspires a sense of adventure within you?

Not surprisingly, pulling on my trail shoes and running somewhere new. Exploring new trails without any plan. Love that feeling.

Won any awards or industry accolades?

Umbraco MVP for two years running.

Where did you gain a passion for your career?

When my parents bought me my first PC. Everything was done via command line and I just wanted to program it to do cooler things! This way before Microsoft Windows or the use of a mouse! 

What's the best piece of advice you've received?

Ask for help sooner than you think you need it.

If you could do any job in the world what would it be?

An illustrator or comic book artist.

What was the last book you read or film you saw that changed the way you view the world?

'The Happy Runner' was the last book I read. It's really made me re-think how I approach my running and training. It also helps me enjoy life a bit more. A great read about how Running can help mental health but also how it can sometimes make things worse!

What advertising campaign or advert from your childhood still sticks in your mind?

The red car and blue car had a race…… Milkyway

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