Living the LEWIS Life.

This week Douglas, our production manager celebrated his birthday. After a lot of cake, pizza and chips, we quizzed him on what life is like at LEWIS.

You’ve been with us for 6 years now, why have you decided to stay with LEWIS rather than live the life of leisure?

We are growing, and with that comes different challenges and opportunities, I just can’t keep my nose out of it. I like the people and the atmosphere. Who does not bond under exacting workload? For me, it’s a natural way. I want to see where and how far we can go, how we process it, and I wish to be a part of it. It's too soon to go yet, there's plenty of time later for those award-winning photographic shots viewed over a glass of vintage wine.

Can you sum up, in three words, what it’s like to work at LEWIS?

Fast, friendly, enthusiastic.

What does your typical day involve?

Juggling, coaxing, smoothing the ever-changing game of priorities and demands. First thing in the morning, I update the schedules and time sheets from the day before, followed by a quick chat and walk around discussing today’s priorities with heads of departments, account managers and fellow staff. This is then the pattern for the day. You await the next wave of new requests from clients, bending and fitting these into the existing schedules. Step repeat, step repeat, it’s like a travellator, continually moving, just keep moving with it!

During the day, you will find me advising heads and account managers where there could be a clash in scheduling, discussing the problem and helping with a solution. I am continually updating the schedules so that at any time we have a ‘live’ working knowledge of what our workload is and how we can react to our clients’ new immediate requirements.

We have a good group of people working at LEWIS, they flex with most, if not every, situation. In today’s pacey digital world, I think that is extremely important. I get the odd heated moment every now and again – it’s only to be expected – but that’s why we go for a wee shandy on a Friday.

If you weren’t doing this job, what would you do instead?

I think I would really love to have been more involved in photography. Every time I see a stunning landscape shot or a quirky but spot on journalistic shot… oh, I wish I had been there and had the skill to take that picture.

Does living the LEWIS life sound good to you? Get in touch today!