92%, 93%, 99% and 99% again!

Consistency isn’t rocket science, its commitment! Consistency and Commitment are two words which are probably overused, pretty boring and uninteresting to most. But it’s clear that we as a business have placed a lot of focus, time and effort on ensuring these are always front-of-mind in our actions with our clients, suppliers, staff, friends and in our messaging.


Looking back over almost five decades of business, we've used these words to stay true to our ‘why’ in order to help us build long-term relationships with clients.

I can wholeheartedly state that consistency to our attitude to clients, delivery of projects and openness to be transparent have kept clients coming back as partners and friends and suppliers. We're committed to the success of every project, task and relationship we enter into. That is why we're so pleased to see achievement in continuously gaining the highest levels with our accreditation with Achilles UVDB.   

For the second year running we've achieved an amazing 99% in our Achilles UVDB audit. Our hit rate has been nothing more than unbelievable in the past 4 years achieving 92%, 93%, 99% and 99%. But it means much more than a number to us and to our clients.

Achilles UVDB is a utilities industry qualification system used across the UK. We're delighted to be amongst a very elite and talented group of suppliers who can fly this accreditation flag.

So, why do we fly the flag? Well, how can you as an existing or potential client judge our ability to deliver? To ensure our effectiveness? Our responsibility in our purchasing decisions, employment decisions and delivery to official standards? Having this accreditation allows us to work with one of the big six energy suppliers who are heavily regulated in this industry.

Achilles UVDB defines that our processes and protocols have been thoroughly tested, are constantly reviewed and updated in line with changes in the business, environment and formal guidelines set by our utility’s clients.

As the title of this article states we're majorly committed to this process, audits like this and Financial Services FSQS audit (see LEWIS Accreditation) where we can prove to our existing and potential clients that we understand why delivery of consistency now and in the future makes business sense for both us and our clients. 

Of course, initial attitudes towards achieving these accreditations was somewhat mixed, too much work, too many forms, documents and processes. What has quickly become apparent is that these processes and protocols make everything we do run smoothly, efficiently and as you can expect always audited!

“Retaining our Achilles accreditation with an amazing 99% score across the various categories is an amazing achievement for the whole LEWIS team and is something we are hugely proud of. This shows the culture and values within our business of continuous improvement and demonstrates how seriously we take our responsibilities as a business. It’s a team effort and that’s no cliché in LEWIS so I would like to thank everyone across the entire business who continually demonstrate our values through their daily actions, which enable us to build on our association with Achilles.” Barry Hynd, Managing Director | Integrator.