Getting technical.

At LEWIS we’re really keen to stay at the leading edge of technological and business developments, so that we can offer our clients the latest and the best solutions. To do that we need to escape our day-to-day tasks and play a little. And we need something to play with, that’s where this new bit of budget comes in.

It’s controlled by all of us and is specifically intended for new bits of tech that may help us develop new skills, hone existing ones or even just have something really cool in the office. And we want people to look outside of their particular area of expertise as well - developers making videos and designers connecting the buttons, lights, sensors, and motors of the SAM construction kit.

The first purchase by the Tech Fund gives a great example: our new drone. Check out LEWIS TV for some example footage, we’ve only had it a few weeks and the aerial footage outside of our office looks amazing. So with a sophisticated and expensive bit of kit only a select set of well-trained colleagues are allowed to use it, right? Of course not, we are all actively encouraged to see what it can do. It’s already been up to the Cairngorms and may well get a few more holidays in the coming months. All the time we’re gaining the skills that will be useful for future client projects.

The process of deciding what we will buy is also open. Everyone is encouraged to make suggestions on our Tech Fund Teams channel and we all get together to discuss the ideas at a lunchtime meeting. When we make the decision to buy something then I go and do just that. No need for management approval here – the decision is made in the meeting.

There have been loads of suggestions, some of which aren’t even available to buy at the moment. If, in the future, you’re watching some footage from the drone flying around the LEWIS office you may notice a designer testing out their virtual world in VR goggles, an account manager programming our new Kano pixel display or even a front-end developer taking a picture of their new laptop using the new portable lightbox studio.

Keep an eye on our social channels to see what new technology arrives at LEWIS HQ.