Fun and wellbeing in the workplace.

In today’s hectic world it’s common to put your wellbeing aside and put work first, but here at LEWIS we think that they should both come together as one, as Richard Branson once said: “don’t think of work as work and play as play, it’s all living”.

Patrick Watt from Bupa has said that wellbeing in the workplace is all about “creating a culture and environment where people thrive”. A business is only as good as the people in it, and we think we’ve got a pretty ‘well-thy’ (wellbeing + healthy = well-thy) way of working at LEWIS. We know how to get our heads down and get the work done, but we like to have a bit of fun along the way too.

“People rarely succeed unless they 
have fun in what they are doing.”

Dale Carnegie

We have office ping pong, a pool table, Friday breakfast, office yoga, end of week beer and prosecco, our K9 friends are free to visit anytime, fruit and snacks… had enough our bragging yet? The list is endless, but why do we bother? Investing a little, goes a long way towards creating an office that focuses on wellbeing and it has many advantages to staff and the business alike:

Increased productivity

Increased happiness boosts productivity. An enjoyable company culture is what makes us all come into work and put in maximum effort. We appreciate the effort that has been made to make our working day fun, friendly and pleasant and this reflects in our work.

Relieves stress

We like to have a positive start to the day at LEWIS. Once a week we have office yoga in the morning so we can take on the day with a clear, optimistic mind. However, even in the best offices everyone can have a bad day and what better way to batter out that frustration than through a game of ping pong? Stepping away from the stress for 15 minutes and having some fun will allow for a fresh outlook when you return to your desk.

Team bonding

Friendships blossom and trusted relationships are formed during our monthly social events that bring us together as a team. Whether this is a pool tournament or a Jenga challenge, we like to create some healthy competition to encourage team work.

Reduces staff turnover

Money doesn’t buy happiness, and research shows that workplace satisfaction comes from company culture and values, followed by senior leadership and career opportunities. Simply put, if we love our work we are less likely to be tempted by a higher salary elsewhere. 

Joy is the essence of LEWIS and all of our projects have a bit of joy injected into them, so why don’t you get in touch to see if we can create some delight for you?