February social media roundup.

Another month has passed and after a slow start, 2018 is flying by! After the big shake up from Facebook in January, a lot has gone down on social channels in the last month, so lets take a look at what's been happening.


After reporting in our January social media update that Instagram were testing new fonts and a text only feature, their new updates are now live and rolled out across the channel.

However, one of the biggest updates of last month - which I’m sure made many social media managers jump for joy – is that we can FINALLY schedule posts for Instagram! This was the biggest bugbear for many people in social media, and now brands will be able to make the most of optimum posting times. Unfortunately, there is no direct feature within the app, the scheduling can only be done via social media management tools such as Sprout Social or Hootsuite.

Instagram are also looking to make ads in their stories more effective for brands. They are rolling out a version of story ads that can include three photos or videos instead of one, it’s currently being tested with 12 brands including Netflix and Paramount.

With reach declining on Instagram due to algorithm changes, more and more influencers are updating their story to show that they have a new post on their grid. Instagram have taken note of this trend and have confirmed that they are testing out a new stories feature which will enable users to share public Instagram posts – either theirs or anyone else’s – directly to their story in one click.


With Twitter rapidly becoming a go to platform for news, it’s been announced that the platform will now broadcast news events in real time. Selected news outlets will live stream their broadcasts during breaking news. This is an interesting feature to add, especially as Facebook are trying to lean away from news.


Facebook's biggest push is to try and make the platform more personal, and they’ve done a couple things last month to try and encourage this. Firstly, users can now set a temporary bio on their profile with feelings and activities that expire after a certain amount of time. For example, users can say in their bio they are on another Black Mirror Netflix binge for 8 hours. This is giving us major MSN flashbacks…

Secondly, there’s been a roll out of lists to the platform. Sitting in the status update box, users can post a list for almost anything – your to do list, new years resolutions, your bucket list etc. Check out the feature below.

For years and years, users have been asking for a ‘dislike’ button on Facebook, and Facebook are starting to listen, sort of. In an attempt to flag inappropriate or spam comments, Facebook are testing a down vote button. Rolled out at the beginning of February with 5% of people using Facebook in the US with Android phones, it will provide Facebook with feedback about comments on public page posts. You can see a users screen grab of it here.

Hands up if you’re that friend who keeps in touch via meme tagging? Well Facebook is going to make things a bit easier for you, by suggesting which friends to tag. See a screen grab from a Facebook user here.

As we reported on Twitter, it’s now easier than ever to post 3D content on Facebook. With file restrictions, these posts were inaccessible to many, however with glTF 2.0 format being supported, we can expect to see more of these 3D posts. Brands such as LEGO and Jurassic World are already making the most of this update.


Hands up if you were actively avoiding updating your snapchat and got hit with an automatic update? Yup, us too. The new rollout has made its way across the country and has had a very negative reaction from users. Snapchat moguls Kylie Jenner, Chrissy Teigen and Phillip Schofield have expressed their annoyance at the app update, yet Snapchat are insisting we’ll all get used to it - time will tell!

Wow - that was a busy month! We love to talk all thing social media, so give us a follow - we'd love to chat!

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