Umbraco is more than just a great Content Management System.

Owain is one of our developers here at LEWIS. He is a 2x Umbraco MVP, a certified Master Umbraco developer, he organises the Edinburgh Umbraco Meetups and is very active in the Umbraco Community - to say he is a fan of the Umbraco CMS would be an understatement, however, what keeps him interested and passionate about the CMS is the community side of the system more than anything.

He recently attended CodeCabin and also Umbraco UK Festival, both of which are ran and organised by community members. 

CodeCabin is a 3 day retreat in the Peak District over a weekend.
Umbraco UK Festival is a day of talks and networking in London, it's also the biggest community organised event in the world!


The class of 2019

CodeCabin isn't a conference, it's not an event, it's not a holiday, it's not elitist. It is an invite only, 3 day experience. A chance for 20 like minded Umbraco developers of all skill levels to come together and chat, code, socialise in a safe and comfortable environment. You aren't judged. You aren't looked down on for asking a silly question. It's open to all and everyone is encouraged to apply, whether like Owain, when he first attended CodeCabin in 2017, you are new to Umbraco or you have been using Umbraco since the beginning, you're encouraged to apply. Lucy & Matt Brailsford and Lee Kelleher are the organisers and they are the hosts for the weekend. Everyone stays on site in a large self catering house in the Peak District and a schedule is agreed by everyone prior to arriving for the weekend.

During the weekend, Owain and the other attendees discussed many things ranging from Hosting and Deployment best practices, what is the future of CMS, Package Development and Web Performance and Optimisation to name a few. 
They also had opportunities to code together and make pull requests to the Umbraco CMS and network. It was a busy couple of days but a very rewarding time.

Owain came back to the office with new ideas about how we can help improve our websites for our clients and also make their experience even more enjoyable when editing their content for their own websites.

Umbraco UK Festival 

Owain wasn't back in the office for very long before he was heading off to London for 2 days to attend Umbraco UK Festival and the Umbraco Gold Partner Summit. 

LEWIS are very proud to be the first Umbraco Gold Partner in Scotland and Owain has represented LEWIS at the last 3 Gold Partner summits, 2 in Odense, Denmark and the latest in London, which was held the day before Umbraco UK Festival kicked off. 

The Gold Partner summit is an opportunity for all the Umbraco Gold Partners to come together and speak with Umbraco HQ in person. It's an opportunity for Umbraco HQ to share the latest updates they have planned for the CMS for the next year and also give all the 'Goldies' a personal thank you for their continued support.

This year the discussion was mostly about the launch of Heartcore, a Headless offering of the Umbraco CMS. Heartcore enables you to power other types of websites with Umbraco such as Single Page Application or websites running on a different platform than .NET. 

HeartCore will be launched on December 2nd. 

The summit is also a good opportunity for 'Goldies' to network and share ideas with open floor discussions.

The next day was Umbraco UK Festival, a full day of talks and the agenda was very impressive this year. This is the 10th year the Umbraco UK Festival has been ran and Owain felt it was a brilliant event. He's attended the festival for the past two years.
There were talks for everyone, some technical discussions, some life skills talks and in the evening there were open floor discussions being held also.

As with any Umbraco event, the networking opportunities are worth the trip alone. Everyone is really friendly and supportive. 

If you can attend any Umbraco event, whether it's a local meetup, a festival organised by the community or the official Umbraco HQ conference Codegarden, it's worth it. 

You'll always find something of interest.