How to build a Vibrant Sales and Service Culture.

I was lucky enough to attend an Edinburgh Arts & Business Scotland event on ‘Building a Vibrant Sales Service Culture.’ The event was taken by Brendan Walsh from Hawhorn Business Group and boasted such valuable sales tips and insights, that I felt compelled to share it with you all right away- as well as some LEWIS marketing tips, for good measure.

As a marketing professional I strongly advocate that sales services and cultures are not exclusively relevant to sales professionals; everyone within a business should have an in-depth understanding of the sales pipeline and the role that they play in this. Without successful sales of a business product or brand, no one within the company thrives and, subsequently, even if sales and branding doesn’t seem relevant to your specific role its successful execution is paramount to every individual within a company.

Upon arriving at the event, the group was initially met with a shocking statistic: only 3% of buyers trust sales people. The only professions considered less credible include car sales, politics and lobbying. This seems to stem from a lack of understanding in to a customer base when attempting to execute a sale. The solution is simple: get to know your customers better. Meet them for coffee, send them surveys and find ways to interpret how they are interacting with your staff, your company website and review their service satisfaction levels. 

To quote Brendan Walsh speaking at the event: “You were given two ears, but one mouth for a reason”. Many surveyed decision makers within the B2B industry felt that sales representatives were often unprepared when meeting with them. Research in to your demographic is one of the most efficient ways to spend your time- everyone wants to be understood and have their standards met, especially when they are investing a lot of money in to a service that you may be providing.

Contrary to popular belief, results are not the most important part of sales. Last year’s success is not today’s win, and the focus should be on the present and future success of your company- even when dealing with existing clients and customers.

2% of sales are made on the first contact and 10% on the fourth. The key lesson? Build. Your. Relationships!! Persistence and patience really are a virtue when it comes to understanding your customer and generating sales.

It was agreed at the event that clear vision and strategy are crucial to delivering a successful business performance drive. Training and development are also deemed essential, especially because current markets are post tech boom and this results in platforms, as well as customer’s needs, evolving at quantum speed.

The good news is that successful sales and branding is quite simple despite rapidly evolving technology and dynamic demographics. The solution lies within maintaining exceptional customer service levels and the building of strong and integral relationships. Here at LEWIS one of our main objectives is to build long lasting relationships with all our amazing clients, to help us spread as much LEWIS joy as possible!