Bigger and better.

LEWIS is transforming, and with that transformation comes lots of new faces. Our team is growing and we've got some introductions to make. 

Meet Martin, our new Technical Developer. Originally from Donegal, Republic of Ireland, Martin made the move for our much better weather… An outdoors enthusiast who loves everything from mountain biking to snowboarding, we seem to have an adrenaline junkie on our hands! Luckily, he’s into gadgets, so hopefully the LEWIS drone and GoPro will be off on some exciting adventures.

Next up is Lily, our Project Manager. A previous Londoner, Lily has been welcomed to Scotland with much better food (she claims we make even a bacon butty tastier) and an exciting new position at LEWIS HQ. An avid video gamer and Rubix cube solver (she can solve one in under 3 minutes!!), we think Lily is going to fit in with team LEWIS just perfect.

To follow we welcome Alison, our new Business Development Manager, who hails from Glasgow. Alison’s background in Comms and Business Development was definitely something we wanted a taste of! After a stint of working in both Australia and London (not to mention playing football in Serbia and Lisbon) Alison to our delight, has settled in Edinburgh. With a slight obsession with popcorn and crisps, we welcome her with open arms.

Last but certainly not least is our new Management Accountant, Nicola. With over 7 years’ experience in finance, Nicola meets the role perfectly. Accountant by day, beautician by night, Nicola has recently gained qualifications in HD eyebrows and eyelash extensions. We think she’s going to be in high demand to keep our team preened to perfection!  

Think you could make a great addition to our growing team? Check out our careers page!