A Taste of LEWIS Life.

In the spirit of sharing is caring and knowledge is power, we recently had Laura, a Heriot-Watt graduate in for some work experience. After her week here, we asked Laura to look back on her time with us, and reflect on what she learned.

Tell us a bit about yourself Laura...

I’m originally from Northern Ireland but made the venture over to Edinburgh to study International Business Management with Marketing. After graduating with a first class honours degree (which I’m still buzzing about), I decided I wanted to pursue a career within an agency.

Cue LEWIS! How did you manage to secure some experience with us?

My university has a mentoring system where current students are paired up with alumni in their chosen career path, and in my final year I was paired with Gill, one of the account directors at LEWIS. Gill provided amazing support and advice to me, then following my graduation I asked if it would be possible to come along for some work experience to gain an insight into agency life.

How was your experience at LEWIS?

The team at LEWIS went above and beyond to make me feel like part of the team and make the most of my time here. I was just expecting to be doing some shadowing, but I had a jam-packed week with meetings with all the teams and lots of projects to get stuck into. It was good to get an insight to every side of the business, from each of the LEWIS teams. I got a behind the scenes look at creative work, including attention driven design, an insight into the team’s time management system, I had a go at email marketing and even tapped into the basics of coding, which blew my mind! I also got an overview of the financial and technical side of things, social media strategy and learned about creating brand identities. All in a weeks work!

My time at LEWIS has genuinely helped me so much, and I’ve already put what I learned into practice during interviews and job applications.

What tips can you give to someone looking for work experience?

My advice for anyone looking to secure work experience would be to put yourself out there! People tend to be more than happy to help, and what you will learn will make you more employable and set you up for your chosen career.

Do you have what it takes to intern at LEWIS? Contact us for available opportunities today.