A picture paints a thousand words.

So, what’s caused this boom in visual marketing? Instagram was launched back in 2010, and what was once a platform for selfies and holiday spam, is now a massive marketing platform with over 700 million active monthly members. With most businesses tapping into the image based platform and digital influencers taking over, it cannot be ignored the impact that visual content has had.

With a “show, don’t tell” attitude, the easiest way to increase your engagement and get your customers talking is through image based posts. Visuals have more of an impact on readers, they retain more information and receive 120-180% more engagement than a text only post. Images can also build a brand identity, by using consistent photography, colours and fonts, readers will associate this uniformity with your brand. With marketing channels such as Facebook and Instagram carousels, video ads and static ads there are more opportunities than ever to create that relationship with your brand using visual channels for both photography and video.

Unfortunately for marketers, it’s now easier to keep a goldfish entertained than a human. Our increasing dependency on smartphones means we now have an average concentration span of 8 seconds, a second shorter than your pet fish. The best way to ensure these 8 seconds don’t go to waste is through an attention-grabbing video. With a video being worth 1.8 million words, it’s an ideal way to establish a brand voice and increase brand awareness. Videos give you a wealth of content too: create a video and from that you can also utilise static visuals, animated GIFs and video shorts to give the creative some legs (or wings if, like us, you have a drone!).

At LEWIS we’ve created film and animation for a wide variety of brands and purposes from showcasing improvements to Santander for Intermediaries customer facing tools, to celebrating the power of a High 5 wave with ScottishPower and it’s support for Cancer Research UK.

We spend over 100 million hours a day watching videos on Facebook, and YouTube has over 4 billion views daily. This means there’s a large potential market that can be reached through video, however there are some basic rules that should be followed:

1. Use the first few seconds wisely

Although the average person’s attention span is 8 seconds, it can be as low as 2.8 seconds so the first few seconds are precious.

2. Silence is golden

85% of videos viewed on Facebook are viewed without sound, so the content cannot be sound reliant.

3. Eye-catching thumbnail

An attractive thumbnail will act as clickbait.

4. Use square videos

Square videos take up 78% of screen space, a significant amount larger than landscape.

5. Focus on one topic

This simple rule makes a video more likely to be shared.

If you have an idea in mind of how video can support your ongoing Social Media strategy, or want to just come in for a chat and cuppa, get in touch with us for all your video production needs.