LEWIS Accreditation


Achilles UVDBSmashing the 100%.

We are absolutely delighted to announce that not only did we regain our accreditation for Achilles UVDB for the fifth consecutive year, we have only gone and smashed the 100% accreditation in Achilles UVDB.

In 2015, we set out to gain accreditation with Achilles UVDB within the utilities sector. There was huge amount of deep understanding, planning and deliverables to get up to speed on. However, it was certainly worth it when we achieved and impressive 92% rating, first time out of the gate.

The UK utilities market is fast moving, subject to ever more stringent regulation and new technologies. UVDB is the utility industry pre-qualification system used across the UK. Working closely with key buying organisations in the sector, this community helps them achieve the highest standards of supply chain assurance.

So, what does this mean for our clients? Well our detailed protocols, policies and processes ensure that every project, action and output is completed to the highest standards. We believe that without ensuring proper protocols are being followed, business relationships can’t prosper- and our relationships mean everything to us!

Since this award, we have continuously reviewed and improved to ensure we are at our best as individuals and as a business, and we have the track record to prove it:

in 2015

in 2016

in 2017

in 2018

in 2019

The Achilles auditing process is built on an input from customers around the world and here at LEWIS we set ourselves high quality standards to ensure we are able to deliver the most exceptional services to our clients, year after year.

“We never dreamed of being able to achieve 100% in our accreditation score. It has been a great process for the business to go through. But, the rewards are amazing both for our clients and our staff. We’ll believe that our focus on achieving these highest levels match our output for our clients.

Our clients can instantly see that we are switched on, process-focused, have exacting quality standards. When appointing an agency to work with their business procurement, marketing teams or boards can see by this type of qualification that we can tick all the boxes and move quickly to working together on helping them achieve their marketing goals”

David Lewis, CEO LEWIS.


It all adds up for our financial services clients


Our experience and expertise in working with Financial Services clients goes back 25 years. Working with clients such as Santander,

Cater Allen Private Bank, Kames Capital, Close Brothers Assets Management to name drop only a few.

However, in August 2018 we pushed the business into participating and completing the Hellios FSQS Financial Service audit process. FSQS is a common register of standardised, validated, structured and comprehensive vendor/third party information.  A risk management tool that objectively assesses potential vendor risks, proportionally to products and services being provided and across areas of compliance.  An efficient and effective means for third parties to provide their information to multiple banks and insurance clients.

FSQS helps introduce responsible business practices, through due diligence and collaborative with multiple financial institutions within a regulated sector.

FSQS is currently used by 13 financial organisations: Lloyds Banking Group, Metro Bank, Santander, Shawbrook Bank , TSB, Aldermore Bank, Clydesdale Yorkshire Bank, Nationwide Building Society, Arbothnot Latham, LV=. Weatherbys Bank, Bank of England and Bank of Ireland

Ensuring that we are qualified to do exceptional work across all sectors is extremely important to us and our clients.  Accurate and up-to-date information on suppliers and supply chains is a vital requirement to meet the rising challenges of managing supplier risk, compliance, performance and development.

“Achieving the FSQS accreditation was no mean feat. It has taken us years to ensure we are in a position to verified to this standard. Our team have honed and tuned our processes and protocols to ensure we are fully compliant.

One of the best items to come out of this accreditation was the praise we received directly from Hellios on how organised, structured and focused we were on our processes and protocols. This is a great accolade to have for an agency, which shows that we have the skills, capability and structure to take on work from any financial services organisation.

We often see procurement teams and marketing departments struggle with tenders when the majority of the work is on quality standards, policies and business procedures. This accreditation means we almost become ready checked and can move quickly to the next stage or actually getting our hands dirty getting the work done, instead of completing volumes of paperwork and delaying the hard graft that if required by our clients.

David Lewis, CEO LEWIS.