• The future of interaction design

    The Future of Interaction Design

    22 / 02 / 2012
    Author: Duncan Riley

    Hey LEWIS fans...

    We've all marvelled at the scenes from movies like The Minority Report & The Matrix, where Tom Cruise & Keanu Reeves freely swipe and drag information along futuristic, 20ft computer holographs in mid-air. As creative types, a lot of us have sat with our tongues wagging, imagining the possibility of such technological feats in the future. Who doesn't think it’s cool to open your car with a finger swipe or knock out a piano concerto on your smartphone?

    The truth however, is that this concept of interaction in the future may not be 'visionary' at all - in fact, interacting with pictures under a glass screen may neglect our full range of capabilities as humans altogether. Sound intriguing? Read on...

    We recently caught wind of an article written by ex-Apple interface inventor, Bret Victor about the future of interaction design & thought we'd like to share it with you. During his time at Apple in Cupertino, Bret was responsible for concepting user interfaces for experimental hardware platforms & input technologies. Considering Apple's incredible success in this area recently (think iPad/iPhone/TrackPad swipes & gestures), it’s probably safe to assume he knows a thing or two about the subject.

    In the article (which he refers to as a rant), Bret asks why the interaction we strive to design more intuitively shouldn't be a dynamic medium that we can see, feel, and manipulate - as opposed to a handheld device that ignores just how dextrous we all really are.

    Our favourite quote from the article asks you to prove it to yourself:

    "The next time you make breakfast, pay attention to the exquisitely intricate choreography of opening cupboards and pouring the milk — notice how your limbs move in space, how effortlessly you use your weight and balance. The only reason your mind doesn't explode every morning from the sheer awesomeness of your balletic achievement is that everyone else in the world can do this as well."

    Have a read, see what you think and let us know your thoughts below. Be sure to watch the video at the beginning in full 1080p as it is very pretty either way!


    Right, we're off to make a sarnie...

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